Virtual Moon Atlas Light

Virtual Moon Atlas Light 3.5

Virtual Moon Atlas Light allows you to explore and analyze the Moon

Virtual Moon Atlas Light is a program that allows you to explore and analyze the Moon. This is a premier application for amateur astronomers interested in the moon. The interface of the program is very simple. You can see the Moon there and in the sidebar you have different visualization options. So, you can select interesting locations, see the exact coordinates for the selected formation. It is also possible to see the Moon as it would be seen from the Earth at any specified date and time.

The program contains a database about everything that exists on the Moon’s surface. There is a handy search feature, where you can define the object you want to know about, so it will be marked on the moon and you can acquire all the information about it, including description, position, size, area and more. With the “Tools” option you can measure the distance between the objects. You can also change an identification, label and mark colors. Moreover, you can make snapshots of the moon and save it in Jpg or Bmp formats. You can also observe a glossary and encyclopedia here that will help you to understand new terms and abbreviations you’ve never met before. All these make Virtual Moon Atlas Light the most interesting application about the Moon.

Julia Galygo
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